RSS Syndicator for Hootsuite Updates

We just released an update for our RSS Syndicator app. New features include:

1. Easy Feed Discovery. Enter and combine keywords to find feeds of interest:

2. Website Feed Discovery. Don't know the RSS feed for a site? Paste the website's URL, and if the site has a feed, we'll find it for you.

3. Compact Image Display. In addition to being able to view articles with no images displayed or large images you can now view posts with small images.

4. Shrink Links Option. You can now choose to shrink or not shrink links when you are sharing articles to your social networks.

5. Collapsed Menubar. The in-stream menubar that appears when you hover over an item defaults to being collapsed:


Click on it, and it will expand:

6. New Feed Manager. The Feed Manager popup now displays sections for your subscriptions, feed discovery/addition and power feeds.
7. Streamlined Feed Search Menu. We've combined the two tabs into one to make accessing and creating new searches easier.

8. Reddit Comment Feeds. You can now read comments in Reddit comment feeds in-stream:


9. Google Alert Feeds. Google Alert feeds now stand out from other feeds:


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