Syndicator Quick Tips #6: Adding your favorite blog

Reading a blog you really like? Almost all blogs have an RSS/ATOM feed that you can easily add to Syndicator. Many will have an RSS icon youtube-4 somewhere on their page from which you can copy the RSS feed link and then paste it into Syndicator's Feed Manager. And, if you can't find one, here are some easy tips on how to create a feed link for some of the more popular blogging platforms:

For sites hosted on blogger, add atom.xml to the end of the site's URL, e.g.:

For most WordPress hosted sites, whether they're self-hosted or not, simply add /feed to get the URL for the site's RSS feed, e.g.:

Have a blog on medium you're interested in? Simply add /feed/ before the user's name like this: If the user has a custom domain, add feed to the end of the URL like this:

Finding the feed for a tumblr blog is a breeze too. Just add /rss, e.g.:

Just like tumblr, ghost just needs /rss added to the url, e.g.:

Now we'll take the feed link and add it to Syndicator. Just as with the previous Google Alerts blog post, first we'll open Syndicator's feed manager by clicking the RSS icon youtube-4 in the app's menu bar. Next, paste the RSS feed's URL into the Add RSS feed Already have your own feeds? found in the bottom left corner:

and then click Add Feed. With the feed added to your subscriptions, you can now add the feed to a stream and start monitoring the blog for new posts.

If the blog you're interested in is running on a blogging platform not covered here, try adding /feed or /rss to the URL you use to access the blog with, and if that doesn't work, searching google will usually turn up a way to get the URL for the RSS feed.

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