Adding Google Alerts to Syndicator

Following up on our last post for getting your YouTube subscriptions into Syndicator, next we'll show you how to get a Google Alerts subscription added to Syndicator.

First, open up the Google Alerts page in your web browser. You'll see a page something like this:


Enter the text you want to receive alerts for in the text box:


In the example above, we've used OR to indicate that we want results with either Apple or Microsoft in them. OR is just one of the many options you can use. Here's a list of the more commonly used ones:

Return results with any of the keywords in them:

apple OR microsoft

Put a space in between keywords to return results that contain all of the keywords:

apple microsoft

Similar words
Return results with the original keyword, as well as those with similar keywords in them:


(that's a tilde) This will return results that have luxury in them, as well as those with similar words. (e.g. you may get results with opulent in them)

Specific sites
Return results that are only from a specific web site. This could be your site, a competitors or just a site you're interested in:

Enclose a phrase in double quotes to return results that contain that specific phrase.

"microsoft surface"

You can also select sources, language, region to refine the results you're receiving.

When you're done, click Create alert, and the following page will be displayed:


Right-click the RSS icon and copy the feed's link, or, click the icon to open the feed in a new browser tab, and copy the feed's link from your browser's address bar. The feed's link should look something like this:

Next, we'll take this feed link and add it to Syndicator. Just as with the previous YouTube subscriptions blog post, first we'll open Syndicator's feed manager by clicking the RSS icon youtube-4 in the app's menubar. But this time, we're going to paste the RSS feed url into the Add RSS feed box found in the bottom left corner:


and then click Add Feed.

You've now created a Google Alert and added it to your list of Syndicator feeds. Add the feed to a stream and watch those alerts come in!

Looking for more Google generated content? Check out Google News to keep up to date on news from virtually anywhere on virtually any topic. There's an RSS link at the bottom of each page, so you can easily add Google News feeds to Syndicator!

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