APP UPDATE: professional

We just released a major upgrade to with many new features

1. Analytics
Get analytics for views, engagement and more:

Filter by date:

and save to PDF and CSV:

2. RSS Feeds

Add RSS feeds to your pages, and automatically add images and links to your page.

3. Calendar Buttons

Create calendar buttons:

which enable users to add your events to their calendar with ease:

4. Button Icons

Customize your page's buttons with our icon picker:

5. Expiring items

Select dates to automatically remove buttons, gallery images and feature items from your page:

6. Carousel feature

Add multiple items to your page's feature section:

7. Embedded YouTube videos

Add embedded YouTube videos to your page's feature section:

8. mailto: tel: links

Add mailto: and tel: links to your buttons to allow your users to easily contact you via email or phone:

9. Body text and background colors

Select colors to be used for the text and background on your page:

10. Increased font selection

Choose from 25 fonts to make your page your own:

Want to know more?

To learn more about everything you can do with, check our our online Quickstart guide, or visit our Website. Or click here install now.

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