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The OpenText app for Hootsuite allows you to access the media assets you have stored in OpenText Media Management, and share them to your social networks with Hootsuite.

NOTE: Your OpenText Media Management system should be accessible via the Internet for the app to function properly.

Getting Started

When you first add the OpenText for Hootsuite app,  you will be prompted to authenticate the app on Hootsuite:


Next, if Client OAuth information has already been shared with you by your OpenText administrator, you will be prompted to Login with OpenText


Click the Login with OpenText button, and a new browser tab will open where you can login with OpenText, and authorize the app. Once you have finished, the Hootsuite stream will be reloaded.

If you do not see the above, but see the below in stream, you will have to first contact your Media Management Administrator, and have them create an OAuth 2.0 client for you. Once created, you can then enter the details in the input boxes below, and share them with your team members:


Creating an OAuth 2.0 client

OTMM administrators can use the following instructions to create an OAuth 2.0 Client:

  1. Login to the OpenText Directory Services administrative interface (e.g.
  2. Next, click OAuth Clients in the left pane:


  1. Click mceclip12.png and enter a name for the client, e.g. Hootsuite, in the Client ID box. This value will be the Client ID value used when configuring the app in Hootsuite. Make sure you also check the Confidential checkbox.
  2. Click  mceclip13.png until you arrive at the Redirect URLs tab.
  3. Click  mceclip14.png  and enter the following URL:

  1. Click mceclip15.png for the URL and then  mceclip16.png for the OAuth Client.
  2. Finally, a popup will be displayed that contains the Generated client secret. This is the Client Secret value used when configuring the app in Hootsuite.

See the Sharing OAuth settings section below for how instructions on how you can share the Client OAuth information with Hootsuite team members, 

Using the app

After you have authenticated on OpenText, the following will be displayed:


NOTE: the Share OAuth settings button will only be displayed to administrative users who have entered the Client OAuth information above. See the Sharing OAuth settings below for more information.

Opening the Media Manager

Clicking the Open Media Manager button will display the OpenText Media Manager in a popup:


By default, all of your assets are displayed. You can enter keywords in the text box to refine results, or, click the mceclip25.png button to access advanced search options. 

Once you have found images you want to share, simply click on the images to select them, and then click the Link Asset button to share them with Hootsuite:


Sharing OAuth settings

Clicking the Share OAuth settings button will allow you to share the Client OAuth settings with Hootsuite team members. The first time you click it, you will be asked to authorize the app on Hootsuite:


Click the Login with Hootsuite button to start the authentication process. Once finished, a list of your teams will be displayed:


Clicking the plus sign to the left of each of your teams will display the members for that team:


Click the checkbox to the left of the team member's name to share the OAuth settings with this team member. Now, when a team member who you have shared the OAuth settings accesses the app in Hootsuite, they will only be prompted to login on OpenText and approve the app. (i.e. they do not have to enter the OAuth Client settings)

Editing OAuth settings (OpenText Administrators only)

If you are an OpenText Administrator, and need to change the OAuth settings for your team, click the mceclip1.png icon in the app's menu bar:


and a popup will be displayed where you can change the settings:



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