Aprimo Quickstart

The aprimo media library app for Hootsuite allows you to access the media assets you have stored in aprimo, and share them to your social networks with Hootsuite. 

Getting Started

When you first install the aprimo media library app, you will be asked for your Login ID as well as your User Token , aprimo URL and a Client ID


Your Login ID is the ID you use to login to aprimo with.

The aprimo URL is your company's aprimo URL.

To get a User token, first open up aprimo at https://<companyname>.dam.aprimo.com/dam/.  Next, click the user icon in the top right corner:


and then click the vertical ellipsis  mceclip3.png:


to display the Get user token... menu option:


Selecting it will generate a user token for your login. 

To obtain a Client ID, please ask  your aprimo system administrator. They will be able to provide you with one.

If you are an aprimo system administrator who has been asked for a Client ID to use with the Hootsuite aprimo app, open up https://<companyname>.aprimo.com/Aprimo and click on the Administration option in the left side bar menu:


Once the Administration menu has opened, select System Tools and then Integrations and finally Registrations. A list of currently available Registrations with their associated Client IDs will be displayed. If you want to create a new one, simply click the New option in the upper right corner. 





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