Bynder Quickstart

The Bynder media library app for Hootsuite allows you to access the media you have stored in Bynder, and share it to your social networks with Hootsuite. 

Getting Started

When you first install the Bynder media library app, you will be asked for your Portal's URL as well as your User Token and User Secret


If you do not know these, please ask your Bynder portal administrator. They will be able to provide you with all of them. 

If you are the first user to add the Bynder media library app from your organization, you will have to add the Consumer key/secret pair in addition to a User secret/token pair. It is best that you have your Bynder portal administrator do this. 


Creating Consumer Key/Secret Pairs (Admins only)

Portal administrators can create a Consumer key/secret pair at the following url:


(replace <portal_name> with the name of your portal) If you are using a custom URL to access Bynder, replace <portal_name> with your custom URL.

On the API token management page, simply click the Create new consumer button to create a new Consumer key/secret pair:


Creating User Token/Secret Pairs (Admins only)

If a user from your organization asks for a User token/secret pair to use with the Bynder for Hootsuite app, you can create one by clicking the Create new token button. After you've clicked, a popup will be displayed where you can search for the user. Once you've found the user, click Create to create the token/secret for the specified user:



You can then give the token and secret to the user, and they can enter them in the apps authorization popup. 


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