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[NOTE: Updated, in-depth instructions on how to get Google Analytics working with can be found in the following blog post:]

If you're looking to gain more insight into where your users are clicking on your pages, Google Analytics is what you need.

Already using Google Analytics?

If you're already using Google Analytics, click the settings icon mceclip0.png, and enter the Google Analytics tracking ID you want to use with each of your Instagram accounts. (NOTE: they can be different tracking IDs, if you choose)


You can also choose to enter UTM tags for Campaign/Content/Medium/Source. Using UTM tags will allow you to track how well your page is doing. The four basic tags are:

  1. Campaign. Enter the name of the campaign you are running. You may want to change this as you run different campaigns over time. 
  2. Content. Track where your clicks are coming from, e.g. instagram_bio.
  3. Medium. The type of traffic that the visitor is originating from, e.g. social, email.
  4. Source. The source of the click, e.g.

Not using Google Analytics yet?

If you're not using Google Analytics yet, Google has a great tutorial on how to get going:

When you get to the section on setting up a property, you will be taken to the following page to create your first property:

After you have created your property, the page below will be displayed. The Tracking ID, in this case UA-64282345-10, is what you want to enter in the GA tracking ID input box on



You can also find more in-depth setup information in the following blog post:

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