User Privacy & GDPR compliance was designed with User Privacy and GDPR compliance at the forefront. We have limited the data we collect to the bare minimum which is required for the app to function properly. 

Data Collection

The only user data we collect is the IP address of the user who is accessing your page. This data is found in the apache web server logs, and is not processed. We only use this data in cases where we may need to troubleshoot issues that are affecting the proper functioning of For example, a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, or, basic hardware/software performance issues. 

Data Access

The data found in the apache web server logs is only available to hardware administrators at Synaptive, the developer of 

Data Retention

We retain the aforementioned apache web server logs for a period of 7 days. All data older than 7 days is permanently deleted, and no longer available to us. 

Cookies, by itself, does not use cookies. However, if the owner of the page chooses to add Google Analytics to their page, there will more than likely be one or more cookies from Google, as well as both data collection and processing by Google Analytics. 

Server Location

Synaptive is a corporation located in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. All of our internet servers are located in Fremont, California, USA.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions regarding User Privacy or GDPR compliance, please contact us.


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