Syndicator RSS app changes

If you're using the free version of our Syndicator RSS reader app, you may have noticed some features have disappeared. After some long and hard thinking, we've decided to make some features that are currently a part of all versions of the Syndicator app only available in the PRO version.

The following features are now only available in the PRO version of our Syndicator app:

  1. mark items read/unread
  2. add items to favorites/read later/shared lists

We'll also be limiting the free version to 2 streams, with a maximum of 10 feeds in each stream. If you already have streams setup, and have more than 2 streams, or more than 10 feeds in any one stream, don't worry, they'll keep working as-is. For existing users, the limits will only come into effect when you add new streams, or add new feeds to an existing stream.

Our goal with these changes is to make the free version a functional RSS reader and the PRO version a powerful RSS monitoring tool. To do this we found that we needed to find ways to make the PRO version a more attractive upgrade. We decided to add new features, like the ability to search across the most popular feeds we're indexing, as well as to reduce the feature set of the free version. Along the way, we've discovered that the Freemium model involves a tough balance. A balance that we're definitely trying our best to achieve. A balance that provides amazing apps for Hootsuite users, but one that also allows us to pay the bills.

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