Shopview new features!

We've just released an update for Shopview with the following new features:

1. Order monitoring

Watch new orders as they're made, virtually real time!

2. Comment monitoring

Watch for new comments made on your posts on Facebook and Instagram:

And, respond to them using templates:

With the addition of Instagram and Facebook comment monitoring, you can now monitor Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and reply to users with products from your store.

3. Product sorting

You can now sort products with a variety of options.

For Shopify stores, there are two different sets of options. When viewing all of your collections, you can sort with the following:

When viewing products from a specific collection, you can sort with one of the following options:

For WooCommerce and Magento versions of Shopview, you are currently limited to sorting by the date the product was added to your store and the name of the product:

Questions? Feel free to contact us @

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