How to add Pinterest feeds to Syndicator

Did you know that's really easy to add the feed of a Pinterest Pinner to Hootsuite Syndicator?

Pinner's home feed

To add a Pinterest pinner's home feed, simply replace <username> below with the name of the Pinterest pinner you want to follow:<username>/feed.rss

For example, to follow nike, you would change the URL to:

Pinner's board

To add the feed of one of the Pinner's boards to Syndicator, replace <username> with the Pinner's username and replace <board> with the name of the Pinner's board you want to follow:<username>/<board>.rss

For example, to follow Nike's Street Style board, use:

Adding the feed to Syndicator

Once you have the URL for the feed you want, paste the URL into the RSS feed url input box in the Feed Manager, and click Add Feed.

Once you've added the feed, you can then monitor all of the pins from the user:

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