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Autopublisher Queues & Images

Our RSS Autopublisher app for Hootsuite is now even more powerful. We've added two  features to make the auto-publishing of  RSS feeds to your social accounts even better. 1. Queues You can now choose to save items to a queue rather than sending them automatically: In the queue, you can view a list of all the items that have been added to your RSS feed: You can send the item, share it to a different network, or delete it all together. There is also a queue that contain messages that have been sent, as well a queue for errors that couldn't be sent. 2. Include Images You can now select to have an image automatically attached when posting RSS items to your social networks: What's coming up next for Autopublisher? We're working on an update that will add features for Teams, including shared queues and item assignments. Stay tuned!

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