What are Synap Apps?

Synap apps are all of our popular Hootsuite apps for Instagram, Feeds/RSS, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Pages available in one suite. And, Synap Apps comes with our Streamnotes save-to app, allowing you to easily save posts to Evernote, OneNote and more!

Facebook Pages

If you manage one or one hundred Facebook pages, our Pageview for Facebook app allows you to easily view, respond and track posts, comments & reviews, so you never miss a visitor engagement.

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Synap Apps includes our three Hootsuite apps for Instagram:

  1. Panoramiq - Hashtag & competitor monitoring + basic analytics.
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  2. Panoramiq Insights - Post/story, demographic & actvity analytics.
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  3. Panoramiq Multiview - Comment, mention & photo-tag monitoring.
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Our feed apps allow you to easily monitor and share articles from News, Blog, RSS and Google Alert feeds.

  1. Hootsuite Syndicator - Monitor, read, manage, search & share feeds.
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  2. Autopublisher - Automatically publish feeds to Twitter & Facebook.
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Tweetview for Twitter brings powerful filtering and search capabilities to your Hootsuite dashboard. Combine locations and keywords on Twitter to create powerful feeds. Then take it a step further and filter by language, sentiment, and even attached media.

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Synap Apps includes our two Hootsuite apps for YouTube:

  1. Channelview - Manage, interact, search, upload & more.
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  2. Channelview Insights - Video and Channel analytics.
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Not sure what you need yet? Synap apps has a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), during which you can try out all of the apps.