What are Synap Apps?

Synap apps are all of our popular Hootsuite apps for Instagram, RSS, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Pages available in one suite. You can choose just one app, or, you can choose all of the apps. It's up to you. And, no matter how many apps you choose, our Streamnotes save-to app is always included for no extra charge, allowing you to easily save posts to Evernote, OneNote, Pocket and more!


Our Tweetview for Twitter app, bringing powerful filtering and search capabilities to your Hootsuite dashboard. Combine locations and keywords on Twitter to create powerful feeds. Then take it a step further and filter by language, sentiment, and even attached media.

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With all the features of our Channelview for YouTube app, it's easy to manage your channel, interact with your viewers and upload/schedule video releases.

Want to monitor something specific on Youtube? With 10 different feed types, zooming in on what you're looking for is a breeze too.

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RSS Reader

Synap apps also includes our Hootsuite Syndicator app for feed monitoring. Want to watch your favorite blogs for new posts? Looking to keep on top of a Google Alert or News feed? If it has an RSS feed, Syndicator is the app you're looking for. Read, manage, search and share RSS feeds directly in Hootsuite.

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RSS Autopublisher

With the RSS Autopublisher app, you can automatically publish new articles in your RSS feeds to the Twitter and Facebook accounts you're already using in Hootsuite.

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Facebook Pages

If you manage one or one hundred Facebook pages, our Pageview for Facebook app allows you to easily view, respond and track posts, comments & reviews, so you never miss a visitor engagement.

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Our Panoramiq for Instagram is also included in our Synap apps suite, giving you everything you need to discover content as well as manage your Instagram account.

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Not sure what you need yet? Synap apps has a 14-day free trial (no credit card required), during which you can try out all of the apps.