Autopublisher for Hootsuite

Automatically publish new articles from RSS feeds to the Twitter and Facebook accounts you're already using in Hootsuite.

Simple Yet Powerful
Add a feed, select accounts and you're ready to go!

Simply paste your RSS feed url into the feed box, select the social accounts you want to publish to, and you're all set. Want to prepend or append text to each outgoing post? You can do that. Want to pause the automating? That's just one click away too.

Main Features
Automated posting

Automatically post new items in your RSS feeds to your social networks.

Twitter / Facebook

Use the Twitter and Facebook accounts you're already using in Hootsuite.

Update frequency

Check for new posts anywhere from ever minute to every 6 hours.

Include images

Attach an image associated with the RSS article automatically to outgoing posts.

Keyword Filtering

Filter outgoing posts by multiple keywords.

Prepend/Append text

Prepend or append the text of your choice to outgoing posts.

Url shortening

Choose to shorten urls in outgoing posts or leave them as-is.

Simultaneous sends

Configure the number of posts to send simultaneously.

Post queue

View posts that have been automatically sent, or posts that have been queued for review.

Share with teams

Share your feeds with individual team members.


Autopublisher is available as an individual app, pricing below, or as a part of our Synap Apps suite of apps for Hootsuite.