RSS for Social Media

Bring your RSS reading into the Social Media Age with the Syndicator app for Hootsuite. Monitor, Search, Share, Save & Favorite articles in the RSS and Google Alert feeds of your choice.

Starting is Easy!

With Syndicator's Subscription Manager, you can add individual feeds, import OPML/XML files, add feeds to groups, control which feeds are displayed in the current stream, and more!

Filter & Search

Zoom in on what's important with Syndicator's filtering and search capabilities. Filter by assigned articles, shared articles, favorited articles, and articles you've added to your read later list. Execute ALL/ANY keyword searches on all of your feeds, or a list of our most Popular RSS feeds.

View Feeds

With your feeds added and selected to display in the current stream, you can now watch for new articles as they come in. You can also choose to display only articles you haven't read yet, or, you can display them all, both read and unread.


See something of interest? With Syndicator you can take the next step and:

  • Share it to your social networks with images
  • Assign it to a team member with Hootsuite assignments
  • Send via email
  • Use Streamnotes to:
    • Save to Evernote, OneNote & Pocket
    • Add to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
    • Export to PDF or CSV files
  • Save it to your Favorites
  • Save it to your Read later list

Main Features
Subscription Manager

Easily add new feeds and manage existing ones.

Hyperfeed (PRO only)

View results virtually real-time via Hyperfeed updates.

Share Articles

Share articles with your social networks via Hootsuite.

Keyword Search (PRO only)

Add any/all keywords searches to focus results.

Display Images (PRO only)

Display images from RSS articles inline.

Evernote (PRO only)

Save articles to Evernote notebooks for future reference.

Microsoft OneNote (PRO only)

Save articles & url screenshot to Microsoft OneNote.

Pocket (PRO only)

Save articles to Pocket for quick and easy access.

Google Sheets (PRO only)

Google Sheets spreadsheets.

Assign Articles (PRO only)

Assign articles to Hootsuite team members. (Hootsuite teams)


Syndicator is available as an individual app, pricing below, or as a part of our Synap apps suite of apps for Hootsuite.