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Getting Started

Channelview Insights is a Hootsuite app that allows you to easily analyze and generate reports for your YouTube channels.

Login and Authentication with Google.

Before you can start using Channelview, you must authorize Channelview to access your YouTube account. After you have added the app to a stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, simply click the Sign in with Google button to get started with authorization: 



Using the App

Menu Options

At the top of the app stream are four options:

mceclip2.png Analytics

Click to view/save charts and reports for your YouTube channel.

mceclip3.png Search 

Click to filter/sort results that are displayed in this stream.

mceclip4.png Settings 

Disconnect the current YouTube channel, and authorize with a new one.

mceclip5.png Links

Links to this document, support and Synaptive's website.


Clicking the analytics icon displays the analytics popup:


From here you can choose to view a variety of core and audience insights, as well as reports, by clicking their links in the menu on the left side of the popup. 

The analytics popup also has a couple of options you can use. Clicking on the calendar  icon allows you to specify a period of time to analyze results for.  Clicking the download  icon allows you to download the report in PDF and CSV formats. 

Notes on Analytics

YouTube updates analytics data once a day, and the current day's data won't be available until the following day. Also, for some analytics, such as demographics and geography, if there is not enough data, nothing will be displayed. 

Search Options


Search options allows you to filter/sort what you see in-stream. You can choose to view your media sorted by Date or Number of Views. To filter results by keyword, enter keywords in the Filter text input box. You can also specify a Stream Name that will be displayed in the app's menubar. 

In-stream Options

Once you have your stream setup, and your posts are being displayed, there are a variety of in-stream options which you can utilize.


Clicking your channel name will open up a new browser tab on YouTube displaying your YouTube channel. Clicking on the time will open this particular video on YouTube.

At the bottom of each video, there are four icons:

Starting on the left side, the four icons display results for number of likes, number of dislikes, number of views and number of comments in that order. Clicking any of these icons will open the analytics popup displaying results for this video.


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