Channelview Watch Quickstart

1. Connecting with YouTube.

After you have added the Channelview Watch for YouTube app, and created a stream, you will be prompted to Sign in with YouTube:


Click the Sign in with Google button, and a new tab will open in your browser taking you to YouTube to authenticate the Channelview Watch app.

Once you are on the Google authentication page, you can first select which Google account you want to use, and then the YouTube channel. 


If you have multiple YouTube channels, you can use a different channel in each Hootsuite stream you add. Once you have selected the channel you would like to use, you will be asked if you want to authorize Channelview to use this channel:


Click Allow and the authentication tab will close and take you back to the YouTube app where videos from your channel will be displayed. 

2. Selecting what is displayed in-stream.

Click the search icon  in the app's menubar to display the search menu:


Next, click the Streams menu to display a list of all the available streams you can display:


My Videos
The My Videos stream displays all of the videos you have uploaded to your channel.

Channel Activity
The Channel Activity stream displays recent activity on your channel. You can choose to display the activities that are shown on your Home page or activities that you have done. 

The Subscriptions stream displays recent videos from channels you are following. 

The Playlists stream allows you to select one of your playlists and then display the videos from that playlist in stream. 

The Favorites stream displays videos that you have added to your favorites 

The Likes stream displays videos that you have liked. 

Channel Discovery
Select Channel Discovery and you can search for YouTube channels:


Most Popular
The Most Popular feed displays the most popular videos on YouTube. You can filter by Region or Category. 


Power Feeds
At the very end of the Streams menu will be any Power Feeds that you have created. Don't see any yet? Let's create one. 

Creating Power Feeds
Click on the Power Feed tab to view Power Feed options:


You can filter by keywords, location, channel, category, published date, country and features, and then sort those results by the date, relevance. rating, title and view count. Click Save & Display if you want to save the feed for future use. If you just want to view the results without saving the feed, click the Search button. To load a previously saved feed, click the Streams tab, and select the feed you would like to display results for again

3. Viewing Results

Once you have selected a stream of videos to display, there are many ways in which you can interact with individual videos:


Clicking the channel icon or channel name will display a popup with more information regarding the channel, as well as a stream of its videos:


Clicking the thumbs up and thumbs down icons will like and dislike the video. Clicking the share icon will share the icon to your networks with Hootsuite. Clicking the menu will display additional options.

  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Add to your Watch later list
  • Add to your Favorites
  • Add to one of your Playlists
  • Display Video info
  • Save-to Streamnotes (more on Streamnotes in a bit)

When you select Playlists, a popup will be displayed where you can select one of your playlists to add this video to. You can also create a new playlist to add the video to.


Video Info
When you select Video Info, a popup will be displayed that shows more in-depth information regarding this video. If the video is your own video, you will be able to edit the video's settings.

What is Synaptive Streamnotes?
Streamnotes is Synaptive's save-to app. Clicking the Streamnotes option will open up a popup window with a variety of destinations to which you can save the current video:


You can currently save to:

  • Your computer (PDF & CSV)
  • Google Drive (PDF & CSV)
  • Dropbox (PDF & CSV)
  • Evernote
  • Google Sheets
  • OneNote
  • Pocket
  • Email

More information regarding Streamnotes is available on the Synaptive web site

4. Disconnecting the YouTube Channel

If you decided that you want to change the channel in the current stream, click the settings icon  in the app's menubar, and then click the Disconnect button next to the channel's name. You can then authenticate with a new channel by clicking the Connect with YouTube button.

5. Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Synaptive Channelview for YouTube, please feel free to contact us via our support system at:


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