RSS Autopublisher Quick Start guide

When you first install Autopublisher, the following will be displayed in-stream:

Autopublisher uses the social accounts you have already authenticated with on Hootsuite to send messages. However, before Autopublisher can use them you must give Autopublisher permission. Click the Login with Hootsuite button to start the authorization process:

Click the Allow button to continue. Your Autopublisher stream will now reload, and display the following:

Next, click the RSS icon  to open the new feed popup to add your first feed:

Feed URL

Enter the URL for the feed you would like to share to your social media accounts.

Check this feed for new items every...

How frequently you want to check for new items in the feed you are sharing. You can select anywhere from every 6 hours to every minute. 

When new items are found in feed... (simultaneous sends)

When Autopublisher checks your feed, if there is more than one new item, how many should be sent? If you select 1 at a time, and more than one new item is found, Autopublisher will send the first one, and add the other to the queue. (you can manually send those later if you wish) If you select Add to queue, your message will not be sent automatically, but you can send only the posts you want manually. To access the queue, click the queue  icon for the feed. 

Try to send queued messages with next try?

By default, Autopublisher will send to the queue any messages that exceed your simultaneous send setting. For example, if you have the simultaneous sends  set to 1, and Autopublisher finds 2 new messages, Autopublisher will send one of the messages and add the other to the queue, where you can send it manually if you like. If you want Autopublisher to try and send any queued messages automatically on the next attempt, select Yes here. 

Send if item's publish date is older than 7 hours....

If Autopublisher  finds a new item in a feed and the item's date is more than 7 hours in the past, you can choose to ignore that item and not send it with this option. 

Send if item's title contains

Enter keywords here and have only posts that contain these keywords sent to your social media networks. If you enter multiple keywords, you can select between matching Any keyword or All keywords. If you select All keywords, the title must contain every keyword you enter here before it is sent. If all keywords are not matched, the post will not be sent. Selecting Any keyword will cause the item to be sent if at least one of the keywords is matched. If at least one keyword is not matched, the post will not be sent. If you enter just one keyword, all posts must contain that one keyword before they are sent, i.e. it does not matter if you select All or Any

Post content

Select what is used to create the content of your outgoing posts. Options are: RSS title only, RSS summary only or RSS title and summary.

Include image in post?  

Select Yes if you want to send images with posts, No if you do not. To decide which image to send, we look for an og:image meta tag in the header of the HTML for the page linked to by the post. If there isn't an og:image present, no image will be sent with the post. 

Prepend text

Enter text to add to the beginning of each post. For example, setting this to [Techcrunch], will send:

[Techcrunch] This is the title of this item

Append text

Enter text to add at the end of each post. For example,  setting this to #Hootsuite will send:

[Techcrunch] This is the title of this item #Hootsuite

When you append text, you can choose to place the text after the link, or, in between the message/title and the link.

Shorten urls

Select Yes to have Autopublisher automatically shorten URLs before sending articles to your social networks. Select No if you do not want the URLs shortened. 

Append parameters to URL

If you would like to add parameters to the end of your URLs for tracking purposes,  e.g.:

you can add up to four parameters here.

Saving settings

When you're finished editing your new feed, click the Save feed button at the bottom of the popup to save the feed. After doing so, your newly saved feed will appear in-stream:

To the right of the feed, are five options:

Clicking the pause  icon will stop autopublishing of the feed and the icon will switch to the play  icon. Clicking the play icon will re-start autopublishing. Clicking the settings  icon, will open up the settings popup for this feed. You can change everything other than the feed's URL. Clicking the queue  icon will open up the post queue, where you can display messages that have been sent, messages that have been queued and messages that couldn't be sent. Clicking the teams  icon will open up the feed sharing poup, where you can select team members to share the feed with. (NOTE: currently only Organization Admins can share feeds with team members) Clicking the delete  icon will stop autopublishing and delete the feed. 

The Post Queue

The Post Queue popup displays messages that have been sent, queued or had errors when sending:

You can select what is being displayed with the Display menu found in the bottom left:

For messages that have been queued, you have three options: 

  1.  Send the post
  2.  Share the post to other networks
  3.  Delete the post

Clicking the Send the Post  icon will send the post to the default network. (listed in the Network column of the list) Clicking the Share the Post  icon will close the popup, and populate the Hootsuite network send box with the post's content and the image associated with the post. Here you can select other networks, as well as schedule the post. Clicking the Delete the Post  icon will delete the post.

If you edit the text in the Content box, the edited version of the text will be sent when you click Send the Post or Share the Post.

When you are viewing sent messages, or messages with errors, the only option available is to Share the Post. 

Sharing a Feed with Team Members

Sharing feeds allows team members to access the same feed queue for a shared feed, allowing them to send, share and delete articles. To enable feed sharing, the Administrator for your organization must add the Autopublisher app to their dashboard. 

To share a feed, simply click the teams  icon, and the feed sharing popup will be displayed:

Clicking the plus sign to the left of each of your teams will display the members for that team:

Click the checkbox to the left of the team member's name to share the current feed with this team member. Once you have shared a feed, the team icon will be highlighted:

Team members who have had a feed shared with them, will only have the option to open the feed's queue:

(clicking the team icon will not open the feed sharing popup)


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