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After you have published your page, you can now either manually add new posts to your page by clicking the Page Manager icon mceclip0.png and editing your page, or choose to automate their addition by selecting Yes, add scheduled Instagram posts from the Scheduled posts option for each of your Instagram accounts:


After selecting Yes, you have two options for scheduling:

1. Add a link to your posts

Simply add a link to the end of the text/caption of your scheduled posts using the Hootsuite publisher:


and now, when your post is sent by Hootsuite, the image and link will be added to your page automatically. 

2. Add links manually

Clicking the clock icon mceclip1.png for an individual Instagram account will open the Schedule manager popup:


The Schedule manager displays all of the scheduled messages you have for your Instagram account. Entering a URL in the URL input box for the post will cause the image to be added to your page at the scheduled time, linking to the URL you have entered. If you do not enter a URL, the post will not be added to your page. 

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