Instagram API changes

With Instagram's recently announced API changes, we've had to remove a few of the features in our Streamview for Instagram app. The bulk of the changes are in response to Instagram removing access to Comments, Likes and User Info. Effective now, the following features will no longer be available:

- Comments stream
- Likes stream
- Ability to comment on a user's post
- Ability to like a user's post
- Influencer streams
- Engager streams
- Ability to follow/unfollow a user

Also, for user info, you will now be taken to the Instagram site when you click on a username in-stream.

Instagram announced these changes on April 4th, no doubt  in response to the recent Cambridge Analytica controversy. It caught us, as well as many other developers, more than a little bit off guard. Going forward, there may be additional changes we'll have to make. Any additional updates will be posted here.

And, if you're watching a hashtag or location with hundreds of posts per hour, or are just watching a lot of hashtags or locations, you may notice that you're not getting all of the results. Instagram also recently reduced the number of API requests we can make per user per hour from 5,000 to 200, increasing the probability of dropped posts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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