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Looking to up your Instagram game? Our Panoramiq apps for Instagram have everything you'll need for content discovery, analytics as well as comment/mentions management. In this blog post, we'll look at content discovery, with our Panoramiq Watch app.

Content Discovery with Panoramiq Watch

Panoramiq Watch makes it easy to discover content on Instagram. You can create, and save, searches that monitor multiple Hashtags, as well as monitor posts made by Instagram Business accounts.

Monitoring Hashtags and Competitors

Clicking the Manage Streams icon in the app's menubar displays the Manage Competitors/Hashtags popup:


Adding Hashtags

To add a new hashtag to monitor, click the Hashtags tab, and select Add new hashtag from the dropdown menu. 


Next, enter the hashtag combination you would like to monitor results for, select the Instagram account that this hashtag is for, and then click the Save Hashtag button to save it.


Adding Competitors

Similarly, to add a new competitor, click the Competitors tab, and select Add new competitor from the dropdown menu: 


Next, in the competitor's website URL, enter the URL for your competitor, and click Search. Panoramiq will then attempt to automatically discover your competitors Instagram account. 


If Panoramiq was unable to discover your competitors Instagram account, you can manually enter it in the Social Accounts section. Be sure to click the icon to verify that you have the right account. 

Viewing Results

Once you have added hashtags and competitors to watch, you can select which you would like to view in your stream by clicking the mceclip28.png icon in the app's menu bar:


You can also filter results that are displayed in your stream:


With everything setup, you will now see new posts as their made on Instagram in your Hootsuite stream.

Questions? Feel free to contact us.

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