Discover, Monitor, Interact & Analyze

Panoramiq adds powerful Instagram apps for Content Discovery, Monitoring, Interacting and Analytics to your Hootsuite dashboard.

Monitor Hashtags and Competitors

Watching hashtags & competitors is easy with Panoramiq! Just enter a hashtag or Instagram username, and results will be displayed real-time.

Monitor Comments and Mentions

Easily monitor comments on your posts, as well as posts and comments where you have been mentioned or photo-tagged. Reply to them too!

Interact and Save

See something of interest? With Panoramiq you can take the next step and:

  • Comment on it
    (only possible for your media or media you have been tagged in)
  • Save it to Evernote, OneNote, Google sheets, PDF, CSV and more

Analyze Results

Analyze your Instagram account's results with Panoramiq's powerful Analytics for:

  • Follower counts and demographics
  • Account activity, including views and clicks
  • Post views and engagement
  • Story views and interactions

Try them out!

Click the button to the left, and you will be taken to the Hootsuite App Directory where you can install the Panoramiq apps, and get started on your FREE trial.