Analyze, Report & Learn

Panoramiq Insights adds powerful Instagram Analytics and reports for your Instagram accounts and the posts, stories and activity associated with them.


Analyze follower numbers, as well as follower demographics, including Age, Gender, Country, City and Language.


Monitor the number of times your posts have been viewed, as well as the number of new followers. You can also watch how often your profile has been viewed, as well as how often the links in your profile have been clicked.


Analyze views and engagement from your posts to discover what's working, and what's not.


Analyze the views and interactions on your Instagram stories to zoom in on what's working.

Main Features
Follower analytics

Follower numbers and demographics reports.

Activity analytics

Views, new followers and profile reports.

Post analytics

Analyze the success of your Instagram posts.

Story analytics

Story analytics for views and interactions.

Save Reports

Save reports to PDF or CSV.

Multiple Accounts

Use multiple Instagram accounts.


Panoramiq Insights is available as an individual app, pricing below, or as a part of our Synap apps suite of apps for Hootsuite.