How do I add additional TikTok accounts?

The standard version of Pendulum comes with support for 1 TikTok account. To add more accounts, select the Upgrade option from the Quick Links menu:


After you have clicked Upgrade, a popup will be displayed:


If you want to pay monthly, click the Pay monthly button. If you want to pay yearly, click the Pay yearly button. After you have clicked one of the buttons, a new browser tab will be opened on Stripe, our payment provider:


Here you can select the number of TikTok ad accounts you want to add by clicking the Quantity (Qty) dropdown menu. 


A popup will then be displayed where you can change the quantity:


After you have selected the quantity you wish to add, fill in your credit card and billing information on the right side, and then click the Subscribe button. Once your card has been approved, the tab will be closed, and you can now use additional accounts with Pendulum. Please note that you will continue to be charged monthly, or yearly, until you cancel your subscription. 

Modifying/Cancelling subscriptions

To modify, i.e. change the quantity of accounts, or cancel your subscription, simply click the Upgrade link in the Quick Links menu, and you will be guided to the customer portal on Stripe. 

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