Quick Start Guide Introduction allows you to get the most out of your Instagram bio's link. Easily create pages with clickable images, buttons and social media icons, and then add the link it to your Instagram bio. Follow the instructions below to get started:

1. Authorizing with Facebook

When you first install the app, you will be asked to Login with Facebook, and approve the permissions we need to get your Instagram accounts posts. 


Once you have authorized on Facebook, click the Select Instagram Accounts button in your Hootsuite stream:


In the popup that is displayed, select the Instagram accounts you would like to use:


2. Creating and Publishing pages

Once you have added your Instagram accounts, the following will be displayed in the app's stream:


Click the Create a page button to create your first page:


NOTE: When you want to make changes to existing pages, or create new ones, click the mceclip3.png Edit/manage pages icon in the app's menu bar. 

First, enter a name for your page and select the Instagram account that this page will be for. Next, you can customize the Header, Gallery, Buttons and Footer sections of the page. 



In the Header section, you can change the title to be something different than your Instagram account's username, as well as add text to be displayed beneath the title. You can also customize the look of your page's header, with the Text, Background, Justification and Background image options. 


The Gallery section allows you to add images with links to your page.


To add an image that has already been added to your Instagram account, simply click it in the list. Click the plus sign to upload an image that hasn't been added to your Instagram account yet. Once you've added an image, enter the link you would like to associate with the image in the box to the right of the image. Click the trash can iconif you want to delete an image. To change the order of the images, grab the handle to the left of the image, and drag it to the new position.


The Buttons section allows you to add buttons with links to your page:


You can customize the text and background colors of your buttons by clicking the Text and Background buttons, and selecting the color you want.

Click the trash can icon if you want to delete a button. To change the order of the buttons, grab the handle to the left of the button, and drag it to the new position.


The Footer section allows you to add icons to the bottom of your page that link to your social accounts, website, online store or blog:


Simply add a URL to the input box, and the corresponding icon will be displayed at the bottom of your page. NOTE: You must enter full URLs, e.g.

Once you're done, click the Save button to save your page. 

NOTE: If the page you are editing has already been published, the changes will be saved, and the changes will be applied to the live, published, page. 


The Settings section allows you to change your page's layout and the font used for text:


Publishing pages

Now that you've saved your first page, return to the app's stream. The page you created will be displayed in the Published page dropdown menu:


Select the page, and then click the Publish page button to push your page live. 

Adding your link to your Instagram account

Once you have created and saved your page you can now add it to your Instagram account. To do so, first click the clipboard mceclip15.png icon for your page. (it will be displayed when you hover your mouse over your Instagram account in the stream) Next, go to Instagram and select Settings option. Under the Edit profile section, you will see a Website option. Paste the link you copied above into the Website section, and then finally click the Submit button at the bottom to save your settings. 


Scheduling posts

With your page now published, you can now either manually add new posts to your page by clicking the Page Manager icon mceclip0.png and editing your page, or choose to automate their addition by selecting Yes, add scheduled Instagram posts from the Scheduled posts option for each of your Instagram accounts:


After selecting Yes, simply add a link to the end of the text/caption of your scheduled posts using the Hootsuite publisher:


Now, when your post is sent by Hootsuite, the image and link will be added to your page automatically.

Other options

With your page now live, when you hover over the Instagram account's section in stream, three options will be displayed:


i) Clicking the link icon mceclip16.png will show you what your page looks like in your browser -- NOTE: Chrome users can view their page on a variety of different devices by selecting the Developer's tools menu option.

ii) Clicking the QR code icon mceclip1.png will display the QR code for your page in a popup. You can save the QR code to share it with users, or use it to easily view your page on your mobile devices for testing purposes.

iii) Clicking the clipboard icon mceclip15.png will copy the link for your page to the clipboard. After you have copied your link, you will then have to manually add it to your bio on Instagram.

Making Changes and Creating New Pages

To make changes to a saved page, or create a new page, simply click the mceclip4.png icon in the app's menu bar, and the Page Manager will be displayed. Any changes made to your currently published page will be made live when you click the Save button. 

3. Settings

Under the settings menu, the app's settings:


Clicking the Manage Accounts button will display the Instagram accounts popup, where you can select which Instagram accounts you would like to use with

Under the Google Analytics Codes section, you can configure the Google Tracking ID, and any UTM tags you would like to use:


NOTE: You can use different Google Analytics Tracking IDs and UTM tags for each of your Instagram accounts

Tracking events

With Google Analytics setup, you can track individual events under the Event Category:


There are four Event Actions:

  1. Avatar click
  2. Button click
  3. Image click
  4. Footer click


Avatar click occurs when a user clicks your Instagram avatar at the top of the page. 

Button click occurs when a user clicks one of the buttons on your page. The Event Label will contain the URL associated with the button clicked on. 

Image click occurs when a user clicks one of the buttons on your page. The Event Label will contain the URL associated with the image clicked on. 

Footer click occurs when a user clicks on one of the icon links at the bottom of the page. The Event Label will contain the destination for the icon clicked on.

Disconnecting your Facebook Account

At the bottom of the Settings dropdown, you will find the Disconnect Facebook Account button which you can click to disconnect your Facebook account from

4. Teams

To share your account with members of your Hootsuite team, first click the Teams icon mceclip4.png in the app's menu bar. After you click the icon, the following popup will be displayed:


Next, click the Login with Hootsuite button to authenticate on Hootsuite. After you have authenticated, you can select users from your Hootsuite teams to share your account with:


NOTE: The user sharing the account must be an administrator of a Hootsuite team/organization.

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