Panoramiq Watch Quickstart

Getting Started

NOTE: Panoramiq will only work with Instagram Business or Creator accounts. This is a requirement made by Instagram, and is the only way in which we can access their APIs on your behalf.

Login and Authentication with Facebook.

Before you can start using Panoramiq, you must authorize Panoramiq to access your Instagram account. After you have added the app to a stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, simply click the Authenticate button to get started:


After you have authenticated on Facebook, you will be prompted to add your first competitor or hashtag to watch: 


If you're upgrading from the previous version of Panoramiq, click the Import Competitors/Hashtags button to import the competitors and hashtags you are currently watching. After your import has finished, you will be prompted to add Instagram user IDs to each of your hashtags:


Next, click the Edit Hashtags button, and the competitor/hashtag management popup will be displayed: 


Finally, click the edit icon mceclip15.png to the right of each hashtag to add an Instagram user ID, and click the Update Hashtag button to save it. 


Note: If you do not add an Instagram user ID to your hashtags, results will not be retrieved for them. 

Menu Options


In the app's menu at the top of the stream, there are 7 options:

1. mceclip12.png view recent announcements.

2. mceclip6.png mark all messages in the current stream "read".

3. mceclip8.png view competitor and hashtag analytics.

4. mceclip27.png select which hashtags/competitors to view in the current stream

5. mceclip9.png add/edit competitors and hashtags

6. mceclip10.png app settings

7. mceclip11.png links to documentation, support, and more. 

Adding Competitors and Hashtags

Click the mceclip9.png icon in the app's menu bar to add or edit competitors and hashtags:


Adding Hashtags

To add a new hashtag, click the Hashtags tab, and select Add new hashtag from the dropdown menu. 


Now, enter the hashtag combination you would like to monitor results for, select the Instagram account that this hashtag is for, and then click the Save Hashtag button to save it.


Adding Competitors

Similarly, to add a new competitor, click the Competitors tab, and select Add new competitor from the dropdown menu: 


Next, in the competitor's website URL, enter the URL for your competitor, and click Search. Panoramiq will then attempt to automatically discover your competitors Instagram account. 


If Panoramiq was unable to discover your competitors Instagram account, you can manually enter it in the Social Accounts section. Be sure to click the mceclip25.png icon to verify that you have the right account. 

Viewing Results

Once you have added hashtags and competitors to watch, you can select which you would like to view in your stream by clicking the mceclip28.png icon:


Selecting All streams will display the results for all of the hashtags and competitor you have saved. Selecting All competitors will display all of the competitors, and selecting All hashtags will display all of the hashtag results. 

To display results from a combination of saved competitors and hashtags, choose Select hashtags/competitors from the menu and then select any combination of competitor and hashtag saved streams:


To display popular results for a hashtag, select Hashtags (Popular results) from the menu, and enter the hashtag you would like to view results for. NOTE: for popular results, you can only enter one hashtag. 

You can also filter results that are displayed in your stream:


In-stream options

For each post, there are 5 actions you can take:


1. mceclip32.png mark post as "read"

2. mceclip33.png add post to your favorites

3. mceclip34.png share post to your networks

4. mceclip35.png save post to Evernote/OneNote/Pocket/PDF and more with Streamnotes

5. mceclip36.png view original post on Instagram


Click the Analytics mceclip37.png icon in the app's menu bar to view stats for both competitors and hashtags:


Click the dropdown menu on the left, to select which competitor or hashtag to view results for:


Click the menu in the middle to select which chart you would like to view:


NOTE: For Hashtag analytics, the only option is Posts over time, and the above menu will not be displayed.

And, click the date on the right to select the time span you would like to view analytics for: 


Saving Reports

Click the mceclip3.png icon located in the top right corner of the popup to select and save reports:


You can save your reports in PDF or CSV formats.

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