Can't add an Instagram account

If you find that all of your Instagram accounts aren't accessible with any of the Panoramiq apps, the first thing you can try is re-authenticating with Facebook. This is a three step process:

  1. Go to, and remove the Panoramiq app you are using (e.g. Panoramiq Insights, Panoramiq Multiview or Panoramiq Watch)
  2. Then in the app's Hootsuite stream, click the Disconnect Facebook Account button under the settings mceclip0.png menu. (in Panoramiq Watch, click the Manage Authentication button, and then click the Delete Authentication button in the popup which is displayed)
  3. Re-authenticate on Facebook. (you will be prompted to do so, in the Panoramiq app's stream) During the re-authentication process, Facebook will ask you which Facebook pages/Instagram accounts you want to give Panoramiq access to. If you do not see a particular account there, you do not have access to it, and will have to ask the owner of the Facebook page associated with the Instagram account to give you access to the page and Instagram account. After you have done that, re-authenticate with Facebook once again.


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