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Sharing RSS Autopublisher feeds with team members

NOTE: to use RSS Autopublisher's team feature, you must be using a Hootsuite plan that supports teams. (e.g. Team, Business and Enterprise) And, each team member must add the RSS Autopublisher app.

Sharing a Feed with Team Members

Sharing feeds allows team members to access the same feed queue for a shared feed, allowing them to send, share and delete articles. To enable feed sharing, the Administrator for your organization must add the Autopublisher app to their dashboard. 

To share a feed, simply click the teams  icon, and the feed sharing popup will be displayed:

Clicking the plus sign to the left of each of your teams will display the members for that team:

Click the checkbox to the left of the team member's name to share the current feed with this team member. Once you have shared a feed, the team icon will be highlighted:

Team members who have had a feed shared with them, will only have the option to open the feed's queue:

(clicking the team icon will not open the feed sharing popup)

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