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Getting Started

Panoramiq Multiview is a Hootsuite app that allows you to easily keep track and interact with comments, mentions and photo-tags on Instagram. NOTE: Panoramiq will only work with Business Instagram Accounts

Login and Authentication with Facebook.

Before you can start using Multiview, you must authorize Multiview to access your Instagram account. After you have added the app to a stream in your Hootsuite dashboard, simply click the Login with Facebook button to get started: 


After you have authenticated on Facebook, a popup will be displayed asking you to select the Instagram accounts you would like to use:


Check the box to the right of the accounts you would like to use. Once you have selected the accounts you would like to view activity from, click the Done button, and the popup will be closed. The Hootsuite stream will initially be empty. As new mentions, comments and photo-tags are found, they will be displayed in stream. 

If you would like to add or remove accounts after your initial selections, simply click the Manage Instagram Accounts button in the app's setting menu. 

Using the App

Menu Options

At the top of the app stream are four options:

mceclip2.png Analytics

Click to view/export charts and reports for your Instagram account.

mceclip3.png Search 

Click to filter results that are displayed in this stream.

mceclip4.png Settings 

Select which Instagram accounts you would like to receive activity for, or remove the current Facebook authorization.

mceclip5.png Links

Links to this document, support and Synaptive's website.



The analytics popup displays various reports for your Instagram Business Account. Clicking the different statistics, e.g Total, Comments, will display a chart for that statistic. Clicking the calendar will allow you to define the date range from which you would like to view analytics:


Clicking the download mceclip14.png icon, allows you to download and save PDF and CSV versions of the report:


Search Options


Search options allows you to filter what you see in-stream. From the list of Instagram accounts, select which accounts you would like to view activity from. From the Status menu, select the status of the activity: All, New/Unread or Replied. From the Type menu, you can select to view All types of activity , or only Comments, Mentions, or Photo-tags. In the Stream name box, enter a name you would like to associate with this stream. It will be displayed in the app's menu. 

In-stream Options

Once you have your stream setup, and new activity is being displayed, there are a variety of in-stream options which you can use:


At the very top of each item is the name of the Instagram account that was mentioned, tagged, or had one of their posts commented on. To the right of that is the type of activity. There are four different types:

1. A comment made on the account's media:


2. A mention, e.g. @synaptivetechnologies, in the comment of another Instagram user's media:


3. A mention made in the caption of another Instagram user's media:


4. Media from another Instagram user in which this user has been photo-tagged:


In the middle of each item is the activity itself:


The thumbnail is from the post that the comment, mention or photo-tag originated. Next to that is the name of the user who sent it, as well as the time and any text associated with it. 

At the bottom of each item, are four options:


Mark item Read/unread

Click the Check mark mceclip14.png icon to mark the current item as read or unread.


Click the Notes mceclip15.png icon to open Streamnotes in a popup. Streamnotes allows you to save items of interest to Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Google Sheets, PDF, CSV and more. For more info on Streamnote, please view the Quick-start guide.

External link

Click the External link mceclip16.png icon to open up the originating post on Instagram. 

If you find a comment or mention from a user that you would like to reply to, click the Reply mceclip9.png icon at the bottom of the current item. Clicking it will display a popup where you can enter a reply:


You can enter new text, or, choose to use a template for your reply by selecting one from the template menu at the bottom of the popup.

After you have replied to a comment, a Replied tag will appear next to the comment's date in-stream: mceclip17.png

3. Templates

Templates are an easy way to create reusable content. To create a template, first click the settings menu mceclip2.png icon, and then next, click the Template Manager button:


The Template Manager popup will then be displayed:


NOTE: Templates for Instagram replies can consist of text only.

Once you have entered your text, and saved the template, it will appear in the Send reply popup which is displayed when you reply to a comment.



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