YouTube in a Stream

With the Channelview for Youtube Hootsuite app, you get all of Youtube in your Hootsuite dashboard. The app allows you to:

  • Search and view videos
  • Manage playlists
  • Read & respond to comments

and much, much more...
Power Feeds

Channelview's powerful search tools allow you to create and save Power Feeds. The Power Feeds you create can filter videos by:

  • Keywords
  • Location
  • Channel
  • Category
  • Date/Popularity
  • Country
  • Features, e.g. HD, Live streams, licensing

Manage Playlists

If Playlists are an integral part of your YouTube strategy, Channelview for YouTube makes adding videos to them easy. Add your own videos, or ones you discover with Power Feeds, to existing Playlists or create new ones to add to.

Interact with Viewers

See something of interest? With the Youtube app you can take the next step and:

  • View & respond to comments
  • Share videos to your social networks
  • Save it your watch later list
  • Add it to your favorites
  • Subscribe to the channel
  • Save it to Evernote, OneNote and Pocket
  • Save it to Google Sheets