The Synaptive + Hootsuite Story

If you haven't seen it already, take a look at the press release put out by Hootsuite the other day regarding their App Integration fund. In it you'll find out a little bit about the Synaptive & Hootsuite story.

It all started about 5 and a half years ago, when Hootsuite had 3 million users, and the app directory was just launched. Our first two apps, and two of the first 4 apps in the directory, were Youtube and Flickr. Over the following years, we added another 20+ apps, and Hootsuite users have installed them over 800,000 times. (and counting!) When Hootsuite introduced paid apps, we were there to start monetizing our apps. As time passed, we noticed that our Hootsuite apps were becoming an increasingly important part of Synaptive's business. In fact, we found that the Hootsuite apps we're becoming the business! And so it was...

Where are we going from here? We've just started to put our apps into logical app suites, starting off with Streamview and Cloudview.


Cloudview is a suite consisting of our Cloud file apps: Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. All three are available as a stream, plugin or in Hootsuite's publisher. Sharing your cloud files to your social networks has never been easier


Streamview consists of Youtube, Twitter, RSS and Instagram streams. The apps are currently four separate apps/streams, but we're working on making them function together more tightly integrated, resulting in what we believe will become a powerful addition to any social media manager's arsenal.

We also have a whole bunch of other app ideas that will poke their heads out a little later in the year too. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook, or, add this blog's RSS feed to Hootsuite Syndicator to keep yourself up to date and informed about all of our product updates and announcements.

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