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Hootsuite App Developer of the Year 2019!

We at Synaptive are stoked to have been named the Top App Developer of the year for 2019 by Hootsuite! We've come a long way from the first two Hootsuite apps we developed some 8 years ago, creating our own app directory of 30+ apps in the process. And, we're still working hard on developing new apps, as well as adding new features to our existing apps. Stay tuned to this blog for more info on those.

You can check out the Hootsuite blog post for more info on the award. And, if you have any ideas for an app that you'd like to see in your Hootsuite dashboard in the near future, let us know.

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2019 Developer of the Year!
Synaptive is proud to have been awarded Hootsuite App Developer of the Year for the year 2019! Click below to learn more:
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