Content Discovery on Twitter

Tweetview for Twitter adds powerful Twitter feeds to Hootsuite™ that make content discovery easy. Create feeds filtered by location, hashtags, original/retweet, language and more!

Watch Locations

Watching locations is easy! First, enter the location's name. Next, draw a circle around the area you're interested in most. Then, click Select Location, and you're ready to go!

Powerful Filtering

Focus in more precisely on the posts you're looking for with Tweetview's powerful filtering. Filter tweets by:

  • Keywords (any or all)
  • User
  • Tweet Location
  • Tweet Language
  • Tweets with media
  • Poster Sentiment
  • Original tweets (i.e. no retweets)

All done? Save your feed, and it's ready to use next time you login.

View Results

Once you have your feeds setup, you can watch results matching your search criteria come in virtually real-time. Then, take the next step, and interact, share or save the post.


See something of interest? With Synaptive Tweetview you can take the next step and Interact, Share or Save the tweet by:

  • Replying to the tweet
  • Retweeting it to your social networks
  • Liking the tweet
  • Assigning it to a team member with Hootsuite assignments
  • Saving it to Evernote, OneNote & Pocket
  • Adding it to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Exporting it to a CSV or PDF file

Main Features
Location Monitoring

Type in a location name and select where to search.

Powerful Filters

Filter by user, original tweets, media attached, language and sentiment.

Save Feeds

Save all of your feeds for quick and easy access.

Watch hashtags

Monitor hashtags/keywords in locations, or monitor them all by themselves.

Save to Services

Save items to Evernote, OneNote & Pocket.

Add to Google Sheets

Add items to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

Export to CSV/PDF

Export items to CSV or PDF files

Assign Items

Assign items to team members. (requires Hootsuite teams)

Re-share Items

Re-share items with your social networks.