Streamnotes for Hootsuite

Add Streamnotes to your Hootsuite dashboard, and you'll have everything you need to save posts from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, RSS and Youtube streams to Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Google Sheets, Email and CSV/PDF.


Save Social Network posts to the ever popular save-to app Evernote with Synaptive Streamnotes. Create a title, enter a tag or two, select a notebook to save to, click Save and you're all done.


If OneNote is more your thing, we have you covered. Our OneNote support in Streamnotes allows you to create a title, select a destination notebook, as well as take a snapshot of the web page the post you're saving is linked to.


Streamnotes has support for Pocket too! Saving and tagging links to Pocket is a breeze with Streamnotes.

Google Sheets

Want to save a post directly to a Google Sheets spreadsheet? Streamnotes Google Sheets allows you to select a location in your Google Drive, create a spreadsheet and then save a post to the sheet. All of the spreadsheets you created wth Streamnotes are cached too, allowing them to be easily accessed the next time you want to save a post.


Want to archive a post? Send a post to a colleague or friend? Do it easily by creating and downloading a CSV or PDF file with Synaptive Streamnotes.

You have options for destinations too! You can save your PDF or CSV files locally to your computer, or to Google Drive/Dropbox!


With Streamnotes, it's easy to select a post and email it to a colleague too. You can even add a note to the sender.

Main Features

Save social network posts to Evernote.


Save your favorite social network links to Pocket.

Export to CSV

Save CSV files to Google Drive/Dropbox or your computer.

Save as PDF

Save PDF files to Google Drive/Dropbox or your computer.

Send to Email

Send posts via email to team members or colleagues.


Save social network posts to Microsoft's OneNote.

Google Sheets

Save Social Network post data to Google Spreadsheets.

Add titles & tags

Add titles and tags to the posts you save.

Hootsuite native streams

Save from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube streams

Synap Apps

Included in Synap Apps suite of apps.