Chatbots for Hootsuite

Add powerful chatbots for Line & Facebook Messenger to your Hootsuite dashboard. Combine the app's automated responses with human responses to answer user questions, comments and much more.

Combine content with rules to create automatic responses

Create Autoresponders that combine content with sending rules for time of day, span of time (e.g. March 1 to March 31) or keywords. For example, you could create an Autoresponder that only sends daily between 9am-5pm that tells your users that you're online and will get back to them real soon. Or, create an autoresponder for 5pm to 9am that says the office is closed, and you'll get back to them first thing in the morning.

Human Responses
When automated responses aren't enough

If an automated response isn't enough, human operators can jump in on a conversation to answer a user's question or solve their problem.

Manage Content
Create and save content to use in responses and Autoresponders

Create Image, Text and Location content that you can save and reuse in Autoresponders or manual responses.

Keep Track
Don't miss a single user interaction

Stay on top of what has and hasn't been read, as well as the status of messages you've assigned to a team member or, messages that have been assigned to you.