Facebook Page Monitoring

Pageview's Facebook Page support allows you to easily create feeds that monitor the posts, comments & recommendations visitors are making on your Facebook pages.

If you're managing one page or hundreds, Pageview will ensure you don't miss a thing.

Filter Activity

Streamview's stream filtering allows you to filter page activity by type, as well as by assigned/resolved and replied/not replied to.

Keep Track

Pageview lets you easily keep track of what you've read and haven't read on the Facebook pages you manage. Simply click the check to mark an item as read. And, you can configure your streams to only view non-read items if you want too.

Power Feeds

Find yourself using a variety of different filtering combinations? Save them with Streamview's Power Feed feature. Power Feeds allow you to easily combine a page with the filtering options of your choice and save them for future use.


Main Features
Facebook Page Monitoring

Monitor Recommendations, Comments & Posts on multiple Facebook pages.


Filter activity by user, type, status and more.

Save Feeds

Combine a page with filtering and then save it for future use.

Save to Streamnotes

Use Streamnotes to save items to Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, CSV/PDF & more.

Email Alerts

Get Email Alerts when new posts,comments or recommendations are added to your pages.

Assign Items

Assign items to Hootsuite team members. (requires Hootsuite teams)