Monitor, Manage & Respond

Adview makes it easy to monitor and respond to comments made on your Facebook/Instagram ads and boosted posts. All inside a Hootsuite stream!

Monitor Ad comments

Watch for comments made on your advertisements and boosted posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Multiple Accounts

Monitor ads on all of your Facebook Ad accounts, whether you have one or a hundred.


Respond to comments made on your ads, on both Facebook and Instagram


Main Features
Comment Monitoring

Watch for new comments made to your ads and boosted posts.


Respond to comments on Facebook & Instagram.


Analyze comment activity on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook & Instagram support

Watch for comments on Facebook & Instagram.

Multiple Ad Accounts

Monitor ads from multiple Ad Accounts.

Filter results

Filter results by ad account, status and network.

Mark read/unread

Keep track of what you have and haven't read.