Vidyard Quickstart

The Vidyard app for Hootsuite allows you to access the video assets you have created with Vidyard, and share them to your social networks with Hootsuite.

Getting Started

When you first add the Vidyard for Hootsuite app,  you will be prompted to authenticate the app on Hootsuite:


After you have authorized the app on Hootsuite, the following will be displayed in the app's stream:


Vidyard Access Tokens

By default, all users can share links of their Vidyard videos. This works best with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To share your videos to Instagram and TikTok, you will have to enter a Vidyard Access Token in the input box above, and then click the Save Token button. 

How to obtain a Vidyard Access Token

You can find your Vidyard Access Token by going to Admin > API Tokens


Here you will find up to three tokens: 


In the User role section, click the Show Token button to the right, and then copy the token from the input box associated with it. 

Paste the access token you copied in the previous step into the Enter your Vidyard access token input box, and then click Save Token. If your token is a valid one, it will be saved to the database, and you will now be able to share videos to Instagram and TikTok in addition to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Updating an Access Token

If at any point you want to update your access token, simply click the mceclip5.png icon, and the following will be displayed: 


Paste your new access token into the input box displayed, and then click the Update Token button to save it. 

Using the app

When you have finished setting up, the following will be displayed in the app's stream:


Click the Open Vidyard button to display the Vidyard widget in a popup:


If it is your first time, you will be prompted to Sign In, if you already have an account, or Sign Up, if you're new to Vidyard. 

After you have logged in successfully, videos you have already uploaded, and a variety of other options will be displayed:


Sharing Videos

To share videos, first click the check box to the left of one or more videos you want to share, and then click the Share button found in the bottom right corner of the popup. After you have clicked Share, if you have added a Vidyard access token to your account, you will be prompted to share the video(s) as a link or as a video:


Select Share link if you want to share to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Select Share video if you want to share to Instagram or TikTok. By selecting Share Link, you are able to create a post which will allow the individual networks to create a clickable preview of the link along with your post. 

NOTE: If you have not saved a Vidyard access token, you will not see this prompt, and will only be allowed to share links. 

Creating Screen and Camera Recordings

Clicking the New Video button in the top left corner of the popup will display options for creating Camera and Screen recordings as well as the option to upload a video:


NOTE: For the recording capabilities to function properly, you must install the Vidyard Extension for your browser. There are versions for Chrome and Edge


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