Syndicator Quick Start Guide

1. Initial Setup

When you first install the Syndicator app, you will see the following screen:

Click the Subscribe to Feeds button to open the Feed Manager and subscribe to your first RSS feeds.

2. Feed Manager

The first time you open the Feed Manager, you will be automatically taken to the Add Feeds tab:

Feed Search

If you don't have your own list of feeds already, enter keywords in the input box at the top, and any feeds that match the keywords you have entered will be displayed:

Simply click the plus icon  to the right of each feed entry to subscribe to that feed. 

Adding RSS Feed URLs

To add a single feed, copy and paste the RSS feed's URL, or a website URL, into the text box below Add RSS Feed and then click Add Feed. If you enter a website URL, and the website has their RSS feed URL listed on their page, we'll automatically find it for you. 

Importing XML/OPML Feed Lists

If you have an OPML/XML file that contains all of your RSS feed subscriptions, simply drop the file over the Drop your XML/OPML file here area, and the RSS feeds will be imported.

Clicking the Export Feeds button will allow you to download an XML file that contains all of your RSS feed subscriptions.

Once you have imported some RSS feeds, the Feed Manager will display them:

RSS feeds that you have imported will be available to every Syndicator stream you add to your Hootsuite dashboard, and you can select a different set of RSS feeds to display in each stream.

Adding a Feed to the Current Stream

To add a feed to the current stream, click the play play.png icon.

Removing a Feed from the Current Stream

To remove a feed from the current stream, click the pause pause.png icon.

NOTE: removing a feed from the current stream does not delete the subscription. It only stops results from being displayed in the current stream.

Adding a Feed to a Group

Classifying RSS feeds is easy with Syndicator's grouping feature. Click the folder icon folder.png, and a dropdown menu will be displayed:


Select Add to new group to create a new group, and then add the feed to that group. To add the feed to an existing group, simply select the group from the menu and it will be added:


You can also add the feed to multiple groups if you wish. 

Deleting a Feed

To delete a feed, click the trashcan trashcan.png icon. 


From the settings settings2.png icon menu, you can choose to remove all of the RSS feeds from the current stream, create a new group, delete an existing group or rename an existing group:


Saved Streams

Clicking the Saved Streams button displays a list of any saved searches you have created:

Clicking the trash icon can to the right of each Saved Stream will delete the feed. The teams  icon indicates that the stream has been shared with team members.

3. Menubar Options

At the top of the app stream, there are variety of options.

 Mark Read/Unread
Mark all articles  in the current stream read or unread. (NOTE: this option only appears when you are reading individual feeds, not saved streams)

 Feed Manager

Opens the Feed Manager(see above for more information regarding the Feed Manager)

search.png Search

Click the Search icon to display the search options for this stream. 

The first option is Stream. From this menu you can select to display: 

  1. Feeds: Articles from selected RSS feeds.
  2. Assigned articles: Articles you have been assigned, or assigned to others.
  3. Favorited articles: Articles you have added to your favorites.
  4. Read later articles: Articles you have added to your read later list.
  5. Shared articles: Articles you have shared to your networks.

When you select Feeds, an RSS icon  will appear to the right. Clicking it will open the feed manager where you can select which feeds to display in this stream.

Other Streams

In addition to Feeds there are 4 other streams you can view. Select Assigned articles to view articles that have been assigned to you or you have assigned to others. 

Favorited articles will show you a stream full of articles that you have made favorites in the past. Read later articles contains a list of articles that you want to take a look at again. Shared articles are articles that you have shared to your social networks using Hootsuite. 

Display Options

Display Options affects which articles will be displayed in-stream. You can choose to display Unread articles onlyAll articles, both read and unread articles, as well as articles that have notes associated with them.


The name for this stream or feed. If this is a Saved Stream, more on that later, the name for that feed will be displayed here. If it isn't, you can change it to something which reflects the kind of feeds you are reading, e.g. Sports, Business, etc...

Saved Streams

Saved Streams allow you to combine keywords and one or more RSS feeds to search for results in. Once you have the keywords entered, and the RSS feeds selected, enter a Name for the feed and then click Save Search to save the stream. Once saved, you can load the Saved Stream again from the Stream menu:

If the stream has been shared with you, the team  icon will be displayed to the left of the Saved Stream's name.

Deleting Saved Streams

To delete a Saved Stream, first open the Feed Manager and click the Saved Streams button. To the right of each Saved Stream, there is a trash can icon. Click the icon to delete the Saved Stream. 

Sharing a Saved Stream with team members

When you are viewing results from a Saved Stream in the current stream, the teams  icon will appear in the app's menu bar:

Click the button, and a list of teams you belong to will be displayed:

Clicking the plus sign to the left of each of your teams will display the members for that team:

Click the checkbox to the left of the team member's name to share the current feed with this team member. Once you have shared a feed, the team icon will be highlighted blue in the app menubar:

4.  Settings

Under the settings menu, you will find the following options:

The Display Images setting determines whether or not images will be displayed along with the title of the article in-stream. If you select to display images, you can choose between displaying large or small images.

NOTE: If you find that Syndicator is displaying articles from your own feeds without images, make sure that the pages that are linked to in your RSS articles have og:image meta tags in their HTML headers.

 <meta property="og:image" content="" />

If there is no og:image meta tag, your articles will not have an image associated with them.

The Minimize options menu option allows you to choose whether to display the option menu for an item when you hover over it:

or, to collapse it by default:

Clicking the ellipsis icon  will reveal the options menu.

The Shrink links when sharing option determines whether Syndicator will automatically shrink links when sharing an article to your networks. 

Setting Hide articles when marking them read to Yes, will automatically hide an article when you read it. NOTE: the current stream must also be set to display only unread articles for this option to work.

5. Reading articles

With everything setup, you're now ready to read articles from your feeds.

There are a variety of options for each item. Clicking the feed's name will open up the current article in a popup window. Clicking the time will open up the original article on the feed's web site. The set of buttons that is displayed when hovering over an article, or clicking the ellipsis, has the following options:

  • openlink.png Open link to the article in a new tab
  •  Add article to your favorites
  •  Share article via Hootsuite
  •  Add a note to this article 
  •  Mark article as Read
  •  Add article to your Read Later list
  • assignment.png Assign the article to a team member (requires Hootsuite teams)
  •  Save the article to Streamnotes

What is Streamnotes?
Streamnotes is Synaptive's save-to app. Clicking the Streamnotes option will open up a popup window with a variety of destinations to which you can save the current article:


You can currently save to:

  • Your computer (PDF & CSV)
  • Google Drive (PDF & CSV)
  • Dropbox (PDF & CSV)
  • Evernote
  • Google Sheets
  • OneNote
  • Pocket
  • Tumblr
  • Email

More information regarding Streamnotes is available on the Synaptive web site

6. Questions?

If you have any questions regarding Syndicator, please feel free to contact us via our support system at:


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