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Streamview for Instagram Updates!

streamview Big news on the Streamview for Instagram front. If you're a user of the Standard version, you now can get account analytics too! All versions of Streamview for Instagram now come with account analytics for one Instagram account. If you're a Streamview+ user, you don't have to do a thing. If you're a Standard version user, click on the settings account to manage your Instagram accounts: analytics If there are not any accounts listed under Analytics Accounts, click the Add Analytics Account button to get started. You can now also add multiple Instagram accounts for analytics. Contact us if you want to add more accounts. Meet the Engagers Ever wanted to know who is engaging with your Instagram posts the most? We've added a new stream to Streamview+ that allows you to view a stream of your Engagers, just as you can for your Influencers. Simply select Engagers from the Streams menu: engagers You can then sort Engagers by their Total Engagement (likes + count) or, by number of Number of Likes or Number of Comments only. You can also choose to display results from All time, or from the past 7 or 30 days. engagers2 Once you have everything selected, click Select & Display, and a stream of engagers will be displayed: engagers The Engagers stream will only work for Instagram accounts that have been added to the Analytics Accounts on the app's setttings page. More info on Streamview for Instagram is available on our Web site.

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