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Streamview for Facebook update

streamview-facebook-bkgnd We've just released an update to our Streamview for Facebook app that has the following changes: Page Manager We've added a Page Manager to make it easier to manage which pages you are following the activity for. Simply click the Flag flag icon in the app's menu bar, and the manager will popup: page_manager Click the Play play icon to start monitoring the activity for a page. Click the Pause pause icon to stop monitoring the activity for a page. Clicking the Update Pages button will check with Facebook to see if you have added any new pages recently. All Pages Option We've also added an option to display activity from all of the pages you are monitoring -- these are all of the pages that you have clicked the Play button for in the Page Manager. allpages Review Filtering And the final feature we've added to this update is Review Filtering. You can now select to only view reviews that have a specific star rating, e.g. 1 star or 5 stars, or a range, e.g. less than 4, more than 4, etc. stars If you're already using our standard Streamview for Facebook app, or the Facebook stream in our Streamview PRO app, click the Flag flag icon once to get the most up to date list of your Facebook pages. Not using Streamview for Facebook? Learn more on our website. And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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