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Streamchat for Line: Rich content, handovers and groups

We just added a whole bunch of new features to our Streamchat for Line app. 1. Rich content. Rich content allows you to combine images, buttons and text to create rich responses to send to users on Line. 2. Improved Handover We've improved the handover process from chatbot to human operator. To Rich content, you can now add a Handover button, which when clicked, will stop automated responses from being sent to the user, and alert you that the user wants to speak to a human. Once you're done, you can switch the user back manually to chatbot responses, or, have them automatically returned to chatbot responses after a period of time you select. 3. Groups Your bot can now monitor and reply to messages sent to a group that it has been added to. As it's a group, your bot won't send any automated messages, but you can still view and filter all of the group conversations in Hootsuite streams. You can find more info on our website at https://www.synaptive.com/streamchat-line-facebook-messenger.

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