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Power Searches and more for Syndicator

We just released a big update to our Syndicator for Hootsuite app. This is the first part of major update that all of our Streamview apps are currently going through, that will make all of the Streamview apps function similarly. The updates will culminate with a new Streamview PRO app. (more about that in a future blog post!) What you'll see in the Syndicator update are: Power Searches You can now create and save powerful searches that search the feeds you select for the keywords you specify. syndicator-1 You can also choose to search in a list of popular feeds. You do not have to be following all of the popular feeds to see results from them. Video Play If Syndicator finds a post with a YouTube or Vimeo video in it: syndicator-2 You can now view the video in app: syndicator-4 Updated Feed Manager The Feed Manager went through some major changes too. It's now possible to add feeds to multiple groups: syndicator-3 As well as click to remove a feed from a particular group: tags You can add all of the feeds from a particular group to the current stream in the new Feed Selector popup. (click the rss icon on the Power Searches and Streams tabs to see it) selector There are a whole bunch of little tweaks and updates as well. If you're using Syndicator, these updates are available now. Now using Syndicator? Find out more here: https://www.synaptive.com/streamview-syndicator  

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