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Monitor Instagram comments with Geopiq!

We've just put into production a major new feature for Geopiq for Instagram: Comment monitoring. The new Comment stream lists chronologically all of the comments from your most recent 10 posts on Instagram. The stream auto-updates, so that when new comments are posted they'll show up in your stream. In addition to reading comments in-stream, you can reply and delete comments as well as follow the user who posted the comment. Just as with normal Geopiq streams, you can mark comments read or unread, allowing you to easily keep track of what you have and haven't read yet. If you're using Geopiq+Analytics for Instagram, the feature will be available immediately. Just click on the Searches icon in the app menu bar, and select Comments from the Feeds drop down menu. If you're using the original Geopiq for Instagram app, you'll have to upgrade to Geopiq+Analytics for Instagram to get this new feature.

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