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Introducing the NEW Streamview PRO

OGIMAGE We pushed live a whole slew of changes to our Streamview apps for Hootsuite over the long weekend. There are now two versions: Streamview Standard and Streamview PRO. Streamview Standard versions are individual Twitter, Instagram, Syndicator (RSS feeds) and YouTube apps. If you're using one of those apps, you may have noticed changes here and there as we strived to make the apps function a little more alike. You'll also notice that Streamview for Instagram comes with analytics for one Instagram account. (more on that in the this blog post) Streamview PRO combines all of the apps in one uber app. When you first add a new Streamview PRO stream, you will be asked which app you want to use: setup After you've selected a network, you can still switch between the four by selecting a different network from the network menu: pro The NEW Streamview Syndicator Our Syndicator app has evolved in the Streamview PRO upgrade process too. It now has Power Searches, as well as the ability to import Power Search feeds from the Twitter, YouTube and Instagram Streamview apps. Power Searches are available in the Standard and PRO versions, however Power Search feeds are available only in Streamview PRO. To get your Streamview Power Searches into Syndicator, simply open the Feed Manager in the Syndicator app and click Import Streamview Searches: feedmanager Imported searches will be added to the YouTube Searches, Twitter Searches and Instagram Searches groups. Please not that these searches can only be used in Syndicator. We'll be adding more similar features to Streamview PRO over the coming weeks and months as we strive to make Syndicator your one-stop reader. Streamnotes too! Streamview PRO also comes with our Streamnotes save-to app. (more on Streamnotes in this blog post) If you're new to Streamview, Streamnotes will be automatically installed when  you add Streamview PRO. If you've been using Streamnotes+ for Instagram, you'll have to add the plugin manually by following these steps: 1. Open the App directory by clicking on the App Directory option in the left menubar: appdir 2. Search for the Streamview PRO app, and then click on the Settings button in the bottom right: settings2 3. Next, find the App Plugins tab and select it: app-settings 4. Finally, click the Add button to add the plugin, and then the Finish button to get back to your streams: app-settings2 If you were using the Streamview+ app, you now have everything in Streamview PRO. If you're using one of the individual apps, and want to upgrade to Streamview PRO, first add the Streamview PRO app to your dashboard, then delete the individual app(s). And, if you're new to Streamview, check out the app page on the Hootsuite app directory web site.  

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