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How to create a Line account for your business

If you're doing business in Japan, Taiwan or Thailand, you'll definitely need to have your own Line channel to communicate with your customers. It's not the easiest thing to do, but we'll walk you through the steps needed to created your first channel. (NOTE: there is an easier way to create a Line channel, that you can find at https://at.line.me/en/. However, if you want to use a chatbot service, like our Streamchat app, eventually you'll have to login to the Line Developer Console for advanced configuration) First, login to the Line Developer Console @ https://developers.line.me/en/. Next, click the Log in button in the upper right corner, and enter your Line login info. Once you've logged in, if you've used the Messaging API previously, you will already have a provider. Select it, and proceed to the next step. If you're just starting out, and don't have any providers, you will have to create one. Click the Create provider button to get started: Next, enter the name of your provider, and click Confirm, then Create. Now that you have created a provider, you can create a Bot/Channel to interact with Line users. Click Create Channel under Messaging API button to create a Bot. Next, you can configure your bot: Below are the settings you can configure for your bot: App Icon Select the Icon that will be displayed to users. App Name Enter the name that will be displayed to users App Description A short description of what your bot is for. Plan Select the plan you would like to use. Note: if you select a plan that does not include Push messages, you will only be able to interact with users via auto-reply messages. If you are just testing, use the Developer Trial. Category & SubCategory Choose the category and sub-category that best reflects the kind of business you are engaged in. Email Address The email address you would like to receive important news and notification at. Once you have entered all of the bot's info, click the Confirm button at the bottom of the page to create it. Now, if you click the name of the provider you just created in the left menu, the bot/channel you created will be displayed. If you do not see the provider, click the Home link, and then the Start using Messaging API button. Congratulations! You've created your first Line channel. In our next post, we'll describe how to get a custom name for your channel. Looking to add Line to your Hootsuite dashboard? Check out our Streamchat app. You can add Line channels and Facebook Messenger with ease to your Hootsuite dashboard.

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