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How to create a Premium ID for your Line channel

Now that you have your your Line channel for your customers to contact you with, wouldn't it be great if it was your company's name? Line allows you to easily purchase a Premium ID, i.e. a custom username, for your Line channel. We'll describe how to do it below: First, login to the Line@ Manager which can be found at: https://admin-official.line.me. Once you've logged into the Line@ Manager, select the account you want to create the Premium ID for: On the page that is displayed next, click the Account Information link. The link can be found at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the page.  After clicking the link, the channel's Registered Information will be displayed: Click the Purchase button, and a page will be displayed where you can search for an ID, and purchase it: Now that you have added a Premium ID for your Line account, it will be easier for users to find you on Line. Want to follow us on Line? Just add @synaptive!

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