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Syndicator Popular Feeds

We've added a new feature to our Streamview Syndicator PRO app. Up until now, keyword searches were confined to the feeds you were currently watching in-stream. Now, when you enter a few keywords, you can select to filter by all or any of the keywords, just as you always could, but you can now also choose to search for results that match in Popular Feeds. (even if you're not subscribed to them) 1 Popular feeds are a list of the most popular RSS feeds being followed by Syndicator users. Getting results from Popular feeds is easy. Enter Keywords you want to search for, select Popular feeds from the Search in drop down menu then click Search and results that match in the most popular feeds on our servers will be displayed in stream. If you're already using Syndicator PRO, this feature is already available to you. Not using Syndicator? Find out more info here.

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